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আকাশবাণী গুৱাহাটী

Broadcast Scedule: Guwahati A

Transmission I | Transmission II | Transmission III

1 10-58 am AIR Sig Tune Opening Annct. (Sunday)
2 11-00 am

Naam( Sun -1,2,3,5-15 mts ) National Programme of Play , Language Version ( Sun -2-60 mts )

3 11.15 am Ojapali (Sunday-1,3,4,5) 15Mts
4 11.28 am AIR Signature Tune:Opening Announcemnt ( Saturday)
5 11.30 am SASTRIYA SANGEET (1,2,3,4,5)WED-30Mts,Rag Bichitra (Mon). 30mts Rupali Pardar Sur (TUE)(3,5), Bhajan-15Mts.(Fri) SURAR KARANI (Sat.)30Mts.
6 11.45 Ojapali (Wed-1,,3,4,5) 15Mts, Zikir (Fri-15mts)
7 12.00 NOON News in English (RUVD) (Daily)
8 12.05 P.M. Kalpataru-(Sun.25mts) Geet-Ghazal(Mon)25mts, Bhajan(Tues)-10mts.Kalpatatu(Wed)-25mts, LOKAGEET (Thursday) 10Mts. KALPATARU (Fri.) 25mts,Lokogeet-(Satr.)-10mts.
9 12.15 Siksaakar Anusthan (Secondary (Tue.) 15mts,) Sikshakar Anusthan (Middle)-Thursday-15mts Sikshakar Anusthan (Primary)(Sat.)15mts.
10 12.30PM Aideur Bulani (Sun,Tues,Thurs,Fri.)30mts, Darpan,(Mon-4)-30mts. Anchale Anchale.(Mon-1&3)30mts, Feature(Mon-2)30mts, Musical feature(5) 30mts,Classical Music(Wed-3)-30mts, Yuva Prabha(Sat.)30mts.
11 1.00 P.M. News in English (RUVD) (Daily)
12 1.05 PM Khetir Diha – FW Spot (Daily)
13 1.10 PM Natak (Sun)-30mts, Adhunik Geet (Mon, Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.Sat.) 10mts.
14 1.20 PM Light Classical Music (Mon)-20mts.Light Inst Music (Tues) 15mts, Nidan-(Friday)20mts.Sastriya Sangeet )Sat)-20mts, Abelir Beli (Thurs) 20mts. Inst. Music(Fri)15mts.
15 1.35 PM Vrindagaon-(Tues, Thurs)-5Mts.
16 1.40 PM News in Assamese (RUVD) (Daily)
17 1.50 PM Rongchora-(Sun)-5mts, Lokageet(Mon.)-10Mts, Lokageet(Thes.)10mts.Lokageet(Wed)-10mts. Bhajan(Thurs)-10mts. Lokageet-(Fri.)10mts, Light Inst.Music(Sat.)20mts.
18 1.55PM Sur Samalaya (Sun)-5mts.
19 2.00 PM News in English (RUVD)(Daily)
20 2,30 PM Close Down(Sat), Western Music(Mon. Tues,Wed, Thurs,Fri,.)30mts./ Chemaniar Chora ( Sun-30 mts)
21 3.00 PM Weather Report, Time Reading, Closing Announcement & Close Down.(Sun)

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AIR Guwahati

The Guwahati Station traces its origin to the Shillong Guwahati Station of All India Radio. During those days Shillong was ... More

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